White Labeled Taxi Dispatch System

If you desire to set your company apart from typical, mundane service, Taxi Mobile Solutions is the product for you. We offer a fully white labeled and automated solution for your company where you can make higher profits by:

  • Scheduling bookings and meeting on-demand bookings
  • Offering fast and secure online payment processing
  • Effortless use of app for both drivers and riders in iPhone and Android
  • Offering a robust and trouble-free way to use our web-based admin panel for your taxi company administrator/owner

Taxi Mobile Solutions is designed to suit the needs of a single-car company, as well as the company who manages fleets of vehicles and orders in one or multiple locations.

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How it Works?

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Our technology team and support staff can seamlessly integrate your current solution with ours. Multiple channels that can maximize your company's revenue are essential to staying competitive. Request a Demo so we can showcase the product to you. To gain and retain the competitive advantage, use our new technologies.We guarantee a modern taxi booking script that is quick to market with enriched user experience. Run a successful taxi business utilizing our taxi mobile app, featured natively on both Android and iOS platform.

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What We Offer?


Admin Dashboard

Monitor your business with informational reports, manage your driver, manage the prices and provide discounts and offers to your customers. All this in just a few clicks.

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Customer App

With the customer app your customers can send an On demand booking or can also make a future reservation in just a few clicks. The customer would be able to track the taxi live on the map and can also contact the driver on phone or through texts. Online payment and receipts takes the overall experience to another level.

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Driver App

With the driver app your driver would be able to receive booking requests in almost no time and the experience of your riders in making the booking would be absolutely seamless. The navigation system in the apps makes it even more interesting for the driver and the rider as they can track each other’s location at real time.

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Dispatch Software

Clean, simple and fully operational dispatch panel brings all your bookings and orders under one screen on a web interface. The operators can easily take a booking on a call and send the same through the web dispatch panel.

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